Since 1878, 140 Years to Enjoy knowledge, Innovation and Passion for Wood Craftsmanship.

Fornasarig, is a 4 generation family owned and operated company. Starting in 1878 Fornasarig has one of the longest history in the world of seating manufacturing. We produce a wide range of contemporary and innovative design seating for contract environments, dedicated to people aesthetic to Design. The products are supplied to: hotels, restaurants, bars, meeting rooms, conventions rooms, university, banks, cruise ships, lounges, waiting rooms.

Our story

In 1959, Giovanni, with his brothers and his wife Anna, built the Fabbrica SedieFriuli, targeting the Italian, European and international markets. The 80s saw the crucial involvement of the fourth generation of Fornasarig. This decade saw the birth of the new contract-based international market, which initially targeted mainly the restaurants and the hospitality. The corporate reorganization and the commercial strategies adopted in the 90s have made Fornasarig a successful company, managed by a family which has inherited a long tradition and has evolved it with passion, knowledge, competence and innovation.

Key strengths

Designed by different famous Designers around the world the “distinguishing marks” of our collections are always very modern an clean. Materials we use are: Wood, Metal and Upholstery. All our products are 100% made in Italy in our manufacturing facility. All of them are designed, engineered and tested for contract use with 10 years guarantee.

Fornasarig produces collections of furnishings for the contract field, thanks to the relationships built over the years with international architects and designers. Chairs, couches and tables for hotels, restaurants, theatres, schools, libraries, conference halls, boats, are chosen every day for their lasting quality (guaranteed for 10 years) and for their contemporary design, in collective environments all over the world, from Europe to Africa, from the United States to the Far East.
Wood is the reference material. Wood is a traditional material and, thanks to its environmentally sustainable nature, it possesses unique sensory, visual and tactile characteristics; for this reason, it‘s still a very cherished material. Its processing techniques require great care, craftsmanship, experience and manual skills. Recently, the company has introduced the use of metal in some of the chair structures. For upholstering, Fornasarig cooperates exclusively with Kvadrat and Gabriel, using all their patterns directly.
Natural resources and environment
Fornasarig commitment to the environment involves not only a conscious use of raw materials, but also escapes from the exasperated logic of consumerism. An ethical and operative policy that enacts daily. It starts from the beech and oak wood sourced exclusively from European forests sustainably managed under strict responsible standard rules ensuring reforesting cycles, respect the ecosystem and maintain of the forest's biodiversity.
All the products are designed, engineered and tested by Catas according to EN1728 static/fatigue tests and ANSI/BIFMA X5.1 to be appropriate for severe contract use. A long term extended warranty is therefore provided.
POR FESR 2014-2020
Fornasarig ha realizzato il progetto denominato “ammodernamento strumenti digitali” tramite il ricevimento del contributo del bando : POR FESR 2014-2020 Attività 2.3.b.1 bis “Aiuti agli investimenti e riorganizzazione e ristrutturazione aziendale delle PMI - Sostenere il consolidamento in chiave innovativa delle pmi, mediante l'introduzione di servizi e tecnologie innovative relative all’ICT”.