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Flexibility is now

Edu Desk is the ultimate synthesis of a high-density stacking independent Desk that enables maximum flexibility. The design is elegant and rational and is suited to most educational or commercial environments, as well as being ideal for working at home.

Its greatest feature is lightness achieved with a combination of a high-performance light tube frame and Its extremely strong bent multilayer top with an HPL coating like those on kitchen countertops. That makes it so robust that even if they constantly bump against each other, the edge will never fall off that means it will remain beautiful for years.


The Edu Desk convince with its maximum independent flexibility, modularity and unique highlights.

Profile With its 90° front angle the desk can be easily moved into a back to back solution or fitted alongside a wall to save you much space.
Link frame The original concept of Link frame merging the top, turn into a functional double side hook to store backpack out of the way when not in use.
Book box A book box can be easily integrated under the top to provide extra storage.
Modesty panel Modesty panel in the line of the top to provide visual privacy
Ergonomic The gently curved top front edge reduces muscle strain on your wrists and forearms keeping your hands and shoulders relaxed.
Stackability 30 desks can be efficiently stored on a trolley easy to move.

Finishes and colors

A choice of 4 tops colors and 2 frame finishes ensure a huge design scalability.

White top – Chrome frame
Black top – Chrome frame
Grey top – Chrome frame
Light blue top – Chrome frame
Black top – Black frame

Hygienic with special
anti-bacterial silver protection

Robust HPL tabletop with a special innovative anti-bacterial silver-ion protection fully incorporated into the decorative layer that reduces the level of bacteria on its surface by up to 99.9%. HPL is inherently hygienic due to the density of its surface and in conjunction with its easy cleaning, the silver-ion protection is able to inhibit the growth of a broad spectrum of microbes.

Technical information

Link Edu Desk

Top surfaces
Light blue
Metal frame surfaces